The early years are critical for the child and the whole famly. We take an evidenced based and family-centred approach, and is based on the child's individual's strengths, difficulties, age and stage of development. Partnering with families we help to develop strategies which they can use in everyday routines.

Depending on the needs of the child and family our team can include a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and psychologist.; working as an integrated service. We also offer a key worker (transdiscilinary) model of service delivery. Our specialised early intervention therapy strategies aim to enhance learning and participation through:

  • suggesting the most appropriate assistive technology and environmental modifications
  • developing a child's communication
  • minimising challenging behaviours
  • assisting a child to understand emotions

To speak to us about your child's therapy needs please contact us.


One of the unique benefits we offer people living with disabilities and their families is that we provide therapy services for people throughout the life stages. The transition into adolescence is a great time of growth and opportunity and therapy can support this.

We are able to offer supports through each step of a person's life, of which the transition from school to further study, work or independent living is an incredibly important stage. People living with disabilities can be assisted to live a life of meaningful independence, by working through the issues that naturally arise as they become adults.

We offer therapy serives for young adults to assist with:

  • working and studying with a disability
  • assistive technology and modified environments
  • the transition to work
  • living independently

To find out more about our approach to working with young adults and how we can assist you please contact us.