Looking Good, Feeling Great

Becoming a teenager is an exciting, (and sometimes challenging) time. The changes you're experiencing in your body and mind can feel big and confusing but they also offer a great chance to become more independent and express yourself. For teens it's important to learn how to look after your body and feel confident in your appearance.

Looking good, Feeling Great is a self-care and grooming group developed and led by occupational therapists for girls aged 10 to 17. In a small supportive group you will:

Looking good feeling great

  • learn about healthy hygiene habits and daily grooming tips and tricks
  • practice a range of beauty and self-care skills and techniques.
  • meet in a social and fun environment while developing these skills
  • support each other to experiment and develop your own sense of choice and style

As part of your enrolment in this program you will have a one on one session with a therapist* before hand to talk about your needs and set up personal goals you'd like to achieve.

Dates for the Christmas school holidays will be announced soon. If you have any questions about the program please call us on 1300 179 131.