PALS - Playing and Learning to Socialise

Getting along well with others is a valuable ability. Sometimes children need some extra help to develop skills and confidence to make friends and interact with their peers.

The PALS Socials Skills Program is an Australian research-based educational program developed by clinical psychologists and early childhood teachers to assist children aged 3 to 6 years of age to develop communication skills and social behaviours.


Through the PALS program, our occupational therapists and speech pathologists work collaboratively with children and their families to:

  • identify their social skills goals
  • develop a child’s abilities and confidence to positively interact and play with other children
  • provide resources to educators, parents and carers to assist them to support children’s social skill development.

Our therapists deliver fun and interactive sessions using songs and puppets to engage children and help them practice new skills in a safe and comfortable environment.

What makes PALS such an effective program?

  • Focus on the individual needs of each child
  • Delivered by qualified skilled therapists
  • Research and evidence based approach
  • Child focused and fun to participate
  • Resources provided to carers to help children practice their new skills outside the program.

We offer PALS as a group program in both kindergartens and at our own clinical locations. Our Christmas holiday programs will be announced soon. 

To find out more about the program and to book your place please call 1300 179 131