Superflex - A Superhero Social Thinking Group

Superflex is a fun and motivating group program that is designed to support primary school aged children who have social and communications difficulties (undiagnosed or diagnosed). The program is run by experienced occupational therapists who help children to become more aware of their own thinking and behaviour. They learn ways to better manage their own behaviour and relate to other people.


In each session children learn they each have a superflexible thinking superhero inside their own brains called Superflex. Superflex helps them take on the Team of Unthinkables like Rock Brain, who makes people get stuck on their own ideas or Glassman who makes them have huge upset reactions. Kids enjoy being superheroes in training, flexing and building their social thinking and social skills.

The dates for the Christmas school holiday programs will be announced shortly. 

To find out more about the program please call 1300 179 131.

Superflex is a superhero Social Thinking cirriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephanie Madrigal (