Stepping Stones Triple P Positive Parenting Program

Supporting parents to guide and manage their child’s behaviour

When your child behaves in challenging ways it can make everyday activities like getting ready for school, going to the shops or getting ready for bed a stressful and upsetting experience for both you and your child. This can be more challenging if your child has a disability.

You may find yourself:

  • Feeling angry or frustrated in your interactions with your child
  • Shouting a lot or giving in to poor behaviour
  • Losing confidence in your ability to teach and parent your child
  • Feeling judged by others

Getting support from an independent person who understand these behaviours in a supportive environment with other parents is good way to learn new strategies and skills. It can help you feel empowered to guide your child to better manage their own behaviour. Everyday Independence therapists are qualified and experienced in supporting children living with a disability and their families to better manage and overcome challenging behaviours like tantrums, hitting out, being defiant or not getting along with others.

Stepping Stones


We use the research based Stepping Stones Triple P – Positive Parenting Program that has been tested with thousands of families over 30 years. It has been found to have a powerful impact on children’s behaviour and parent’s confidence. 

The Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program:

  • Can give you skills and ideas of how to better address challenging behaviour
  • Is run by therapists who have behaviour management expertise
  • Is attended by other parents who understand and share the same issues
  • Addresses your individual situation and your specific challenges and concerns

The Stepping Stones Triple P program is offered as a group program of between six and twelve parents who meet over 5 weekly sessions. Both parents can come along or one parent can attend. Grandparents or other primary carers are also welcome.

To find out more about Stepping Stones Triple P Positive Parenting program and find the Everyday Independence location closest to you please call us on 1300 179 131.

Stepping Stones Triple P Positive Parenting Program has been developed by Triple P International Pty Ltd