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Everyday Living Plan = Your Plan

The team members at Everyday Independence are skilled and experienced in assisting people to develop their Everyday Living plans. We encourage the involvement of family and friends, as well as advocates and independent others, to help a person to develop their plan. We can help to work out how best to use paid or funded resources, how responsive people need to be to their plan, and how family and friends can assist.

Our Everyday Living plan will:

  • Help a person to understand their goals better and how to achieve them;
  • Break the bigger goals into smaller achievable steps;
  • Describe the actions or tasks which are needed to make positive changes;
  • Have realistic timelines for each step of the way;
  • Provide a yardstick by which a person can track and measure the results of their efforts; and
  • Enable a person to hold others responsible for what they have said they would do.

Everyday Independence believes that developing a plan will help to connect the problems with the solutions.  A plan can promote recovery and assist a person to build on capabilities, strengths and interests.  A community living plan can help a person to develop a vision of life with greater opportunities and participation in the broader community. 

We support people to allow for uncertainty, change, and at times set-backs, when developing their plans.  We are aware that the development of a plan is not the outcome; the outcome is implementing the plan and achieving aspirations and dreams.  We believe that it is important to reflect on how a person is going with achieving their goals and identify if there are any obstacles getting in the way.  In this way, Everyday Independence can help a person to objectively review their progress.

For more information on how an Everyday Living plan can help to support you to achieve your dreams and aspirations contact us today.